Tech Sketches

High Leverage Activities

June 10, 2020

Writing code is a high leverage activity. The marginal cost of distribution is negligible and if you develop it correctly, it solves the user’s problems. Software solutions tend to scale better than one-time solutions because software is easily repeatable.

If you find yourself checking a website frequently, you can write a script to automate the process. Instead of reloading several times throughout the day to wait for an availability, you can have your script alert you. Not only can coding save you time the long run, it can be fun when the challenge is adequately digestible.

Big problems can be solved as a series of small problems. Breaking down big problems is a high leverage activity.

What are your high leverage activities? Meal prepping? Going for walks and clearing your mind as a byproduct? Time is the most finite resource we have. Sometimes it makes sense to trade time for money (and vice versa).


Written by Andrew Lin who lives in New York.

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